The only reason why I am where I am right now is because I insist.

I was signing up for sports classes held at my university, which were specifically reserved only for university employees. My (white) friend and I decided to register for the same classes, so that we could workout together. She and I went to the admin desk to register for the classes. When it was our turn, we split, since there were many administrators dealing with the registration (the sports classes were quite popular). I went up to the admin desk and said that I want to enroll to spinning and kayak. There were two admin staffs. One of them said ‘the enrollment is only for university staff’. I said that I am a university staff and showed them the online proof of my employee-card with my phone. They didn’t really look at it. Instead, they raised their voice and said these classes were only for employees for the university, adding that students need to enrol elsewhere. I again stated that I am an employee, this time showing my work email address. They ignored me and started to talk among themselves in German, clearly irritated. This continued for a minute or two, until my (white) friend came to me after finished enrolling herself. She asked, confused, ‘what is the problem’ in German. The admins stopped talking. They also stopped not looking at my proof of employment. They suddenly seemed to think that I was an employee with my (white) friend beside me. I later asked my friend which proof of employment she used to prove herself. She told me that they didn’t even ask her for proof.