Sharing Stories of Institutional Racism & Sexism (SSIRS) is an international, interdisciplinary, and inter-university platform created to gather personal experiences with racism and sexism in academia by all genders. While the two main pillars of the site are sexism and racism, we take an intersectional approach and welcome all stories of academic harassment. The stories you share might be egregious or seemingly negligible, absurdly offensive or so tiny that you feel silly even sharing them. We want to include all of these. By sharing your story you’re showing the world that academic racism and sexism do exist, are faced by so many people everyday and are an urgent problem that must be discussed and addressed.

What is SSIRS for?

  1. To create a safe and anonymous space for those who have been harmed to express themselves
  2. To empower others who might feel alone or isolated by institutional harm 
  3. To challenge the structures that perpetuate academic sexism and racism by putting the burden of proof on institutions rather than the victims, and
  4. To create an educational space for those who seek to better understand the problem in the hopes that they will begin to act collectively to prevent it from happening.