An Important Caveat

Whether we like or not (and we don’t), we live in a world that is saturated by the law. We needed to include an entire page on liability and GDPR. And while in theory this is for the sake of your privacy, we are also all too familiar with how the discourse of privacy and the law are often used to suppress the stories we are trying to share here. For this reason, we wanted to include the caveat here that for us, sharing and caring for you, and ethics in general are much more important than the law.


Although SSIRS and its volunteers compile this website with the greatest possible care to ensure the accuracy of the stories and other information, they do not accept any liability for inaccuracy and/or incompleteness of the content of the website and the use and interpretation thereof.
SSIRS and its volunteers are not responsible for any decision or action taken by anyone based on the information or data provided, nor are they responsible for errors or mistakes.
SSIRS and its volunteers are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages or any damage caused by the aforementioned inaccuracy, incompleteness, oblivion or negligence.
Responsibility for the stories and information rests with their authors.
SSIRS and its volunteers do not accept liability for the content (and/or the privacy policy) of websites that are referred to or for the content of websites that refer to SSIRS.


By submitting stories or comments, the author gives their consent to have these messages published on the site. Posting, responding and sending messages to SSIRS is always at your own risk. The stories and the responses to them may not, not even in part, be distributed to third parties.
SSIRS and its volunteers autonomously reserve the right to reject or remove submissions and comments if they do not contribute to the debate. This decision is the autonomous competence of SSIRS and its volunteers who do not have to justify their decision.
Among other things, the following are prohibited and punishable by law and are therefore also prohibited on the website:

  • Incitement to hatred, discrimination and violence based on protected criteria including gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and disability;
  • defamation, harassment, insults, abuse of name or image, abuse of trust;
  • violation of intellectual or other property;
  • it is forbidden to disturb public order on the website. This means that spamming, sending unsolicited advertising via private or public messages, frequent unlawful reloading of pages, flooding or posting excessively long texts, etc. is prohibited;
  • hacking or attempted hacking of SSIRS is absolutely prohibited and will be punished;
  • sex offenses, publishing pornographic images, pedophilia and offering prostitution or escort services to the public.

If a visitor to SSIRS is of the opinion that certain information on the website is unlawful or offensive, that visitor is requested to contact SSIRS and / or its volunteers.

Privacy and Personal Data

As a visitor, you can use this website without providing your personal data. However, it is possible that certain parts of the website or the use of certain functionalities are only accessible on the condition that you provide certain personal data; this applies, for example, to posting stories and comments.
The personal data (including name, first name, address, date of birth, email address) that you enter if necessary, will be handled with care and secured. SSIRS and its volunteers comply with applicable regulations, including the Privacy Protection Act of December 8, 1992 (Privacy Act), and the Royal Decree of April 4, 2003 on personal data. Your data will not be provided to companies and institutions. You have the right to view your data, change it and have it deleted at any time.
Users guarantee that the information provided is correct and complete. The communication of false identities, incomplete or incorrect data, or data belonging to third parties who have not given you permission to do so, may result in the user being denied all access, temporarily or permanently, to whole or parts of the website.


The images used on the SSIRS website are chosen under the CC license, and the references can be found under the link page.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

SSIRS is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and your local privacy legislation. SSIRS does not track its visitors and will not install cookies on your hard drive. We do not collect your personal information, or any other information while you are browsing the content of this website.
Sharing a story requires a minimum of information (e.g. a valid e-mail address) to make it possible for your information form to be uploaded correctly. You have full control over this information, and can withdraw any details at any time by simple request. Sharing a story implies that you agree with our privacy policy and that you consent with the story’s publication.

In case you want to have your personal information changed or deleted, please contact us.

SSIRSs only interest is to raise awareness about racism, sexism and other manifestations of discrimination through publication of personal stories and testimonies. Because of the very purpose of this website, SSIRS will never transfer any of your personal details to any third party. In case you share a story none of your personal information will be stored or processed on this website, except those details you have explicitly marked as ready for publication.